dscn1946As well as the usual dry/warm climate fruit trees, strawberry plants and new herb and vegetable seeds and seedlings we will also have some in demand unusual trees/bushes. A friend has been caring for some goji berries for us and dropped them off today. Nice looking plants which we will sell for about $5 each, a much better buy than the app $15 you will pay in the shops. Also, the ones in the shops are more than likely wolfberries, a close relative with similar fruit but very sparse. We also have a variety of dragon fruit and other subtropicals. A full list will be published next week.

dscn1446At the RFS meeting on Tuesday Ben Waddelow, a commercial grower in the Riverland, said he would also bring some unusual plants down with him for a separate plant sale. He specialises in jujubes (Sunlands jujubes) and will bring other things that we don’t have including mangoes and persimmons. There is always a lot of interest when we talk about growing mangoes and his are two years old and he has got them through the critical first winters and they are about a metre high. They are sun hardened Riverland Kensington Prides, the very best ones to grow here. I told him I thought they would be very popular so can I have an indication of how many of you would like one so he brings enough down with him?

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