I was shocked to see that more than four months have passed since I’ve posted here and I can only blame recurrent health issues and a particularly nasty cold, wet winter.which has put me into hibernation. The room where the computer sits is large and hard to heat so, needing to stay warm after my surgery, I’ve not been on the computer much. I had my second shoulder replaced on 6 June which makes four joints in 18 months so my energy has been low as well as being quite physically disabled. Luckily, I am still quite strong and robust by nature and got good results from my fake joints although everyone calls me the bionic woman now. Here’s the desolate winter garden; luckily we have quite a lot of citrus which give some life and colour.


A walk around the gardens today showed unmistakeable signs of spring which lifted my spirits so much. I’ve always detested winter and cannot begin to describe how every cell of my body longs for spring and then wonderful summer. On the home stretch now – I expect some more cold days – but it is now days before winter finally departs for another year. We now have five connected gardens here at Elizabeth with young couple Jess and Jesse moving into the house next to Joe and we are thrilled to have young, enthusiastic and willing people as part of the resident community. The most obvious sign of impending spring is always the almond blossom which gets in first: here’s a picture of a very old and huge almond tree covered in blossoms. Unfortunately, the parrots will get most of the nuts as at around 15 metres high there’s no way it can be netted.