DSCN2023I don’t know anyone who enjoyed the two weeks of tropical humidity about a month ago. However, a number of plants in the garden really appreciated it and took off like crazy. Small, newly potted guavas especially liked the change in weather as all the subtropicals did. Joe has a banana bed in his garden which was built by the Warner family a couple of years ago and I must admit I have not taken much notice of it since I assumed it would be years before we saw any fruit.  But today I was astonished to find it getting up around 4 metres high and pushing up the nets. How exciting! I think it is only about 18 months from this stage to picking a very large number of bananas which will be our first time with this fruit. So yes, you can grow bananas in Adelaide and we know of people in the RFS who have picked bunches to eat. There will probably be too many for us to eat so towards the end of next year we will have a banana party. The variety that does best in Adelaide conditions is Silk.



A neighbouring property is on the market and here it is! Lovely and clean and fresh throughout and just look at the bargain price for a renovated home! Plus you’ll be guaranteed to have the best neighbours around: you can see our trees in one of the outside shots. Next door to both Joe’s and Rosanne’s houses; if you are keen, be quick as it won’t last at this price. Only $219,000 so please pass on to anyone who shares our permaculture philosophy and would like to be part of our gardens. Open for inspection on Sunday 3 April from 12.00 to 12.30pm. For more details and photos please go to