I’ve been intending to write an article on summer pruning but did not want to during the recent humid spell in case you were all tempted to rush out and do it in the unfavourable weather. Pruning is best done on a warm sunny day to avoid fungal and other diseases. The next few days will be perfect weather for pruning and just about your last chance to summer prune. It used to be the case that trees were pruned in winter but the motto now is: for fruit, summer prune and for growth, winter prune. I came across this wonderful article by Nadja of Nadja’s Garden that I could no way improve on. With her permission I am posting it here. Nadja is a local living south of the city and a professional permaculture designer, not a bumbling hobby gardener like us! I suggest you like her Facebook page and follow her blog for excellent local gardening info.


2 thoughts on “SUMMER PRUNING

  1. Hi Rosanne, thanks for the great rap, but I must make a correction – I’m a permaculture designer, not a horticulturist – and I do my fair share of bumbling too! Cheers, Nadja.

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