I am not sure how many people are reading this blog but to all of you looking for more, my profoundest apologies that things have not appeared with more regularity this year. It certainly did not work out the way we would have planned or liked and we’ve been in survival mode meaning our plans for this page have been put on hold for the time being pending a return to calmer and healthier times. You can go to the Facebook page for updates as I know many people do read that so that’s been the priority for now and the articles we were going to write for here are still in the pipeline. Rosanne has had overwhelming and seemingly insoluble health problems and Joe has had massive work stress and is a carer for his frail elderly mother who lives some distance away. The garden is chugging along without a lot of input from us although we will be busy in coming months getting it ready for our next Open Garden on 7 and 8 February 2015. We’ll be doing our best to keep this page active during the busy and interesting time of the year. We are certainly not fans of winter at the best of times and are pleased that we have finally left it behind for this year.