No more online orders for this sale are being taken.

Plants are still available if you come to the Open Garden

You can pay at the gate either by cash or card: bookings are not necessary

Tickets are available from agriadventures until 12 noon Sunday

there are limited supply of some plants

Typesize pricePlant
berry100mm $5.00Cape gooseberry
berry100mm$5.00Goji berry
berry100mm $4.00Rose leaf Raspberry
berry200mm $8.00Rose leaf Raspberry
berry100mm $4.00Silvanberry
berry125mm $3.00Strawberry Rosanne
berry100mm  $5.00Tamarillo
berry100mm $4.00Tayberry
Herbs, veggies etc 
herb100mm $3.00Aloe vera
herb100mm $4.00Aloe vera (edible variety)
herb100mm $3.00Amaranth
herb120mm $3.00Basil mint
herb100mm $3.00Comfrey
herb200mm $6.00Comfrey
herb100mm $3.00Feverfew
herb100mm $4.00Huacatay Marigold
veg100mm $4.00Kangaroo Apple
herb100mm $3.00Lemon balm
herb200mm $7.00Lemon balm
herb150mm$10.00Myoga Ginger
herb120mm $8.00Native Ginger
herb100mm $3.00Parsley, Italian
herb100mm $3.00Peppermint
veg85mm $2.00Sweet potato – filipino
herb100mm $3.00Vietnamese mint
herb100mm $4.00White Lavender
Fruiting plants and subtropical trees
misc fruit100mm$10.00Barbados ‘Gooseberry’ (tropical climbing cactus)
misc fruit100mm$10.00Brazil ‘Cherry’ (small)
misc fruit100mm$10.00Cedar Bay ‘Cherry’ (small)
misc fruit200mm$12.00Dragonfruit (various types) large size
misc fruit100mm$10.00Dragonfruit (various types) medium size
misc fruitlength$5.00Dragonfruit cuttings (various types)
misc fruit100mm$12.00Dragonfruit pink medium size
misc fruit100mm$8.00Elderberry
misc fruit200mm$15.00Guava Hawaiian HG
misc fruit200mm$15.00Guava Malay Red MR
misc fruit200mm$15.00Guava Mexican cream MC
misc fruit200mm$15.00Guava unlabelled
misc fruit100mm$10.00Guava yellow cherry YCG
misc fruit200mm$15.00Guava yellow cherry YCG
misc fruit100mm $8.00Kei apple
misc fruit100mm$12.00Macadamia
misc fruit200mm$20.00Mango
misc fruit200mm$20.00Monstera deliciosa (Mexican fruit salad plant)
misc fruit100mm  $5.00Pineapple
misc fruitSet 100mm x3$20.00Plum pine (Illawarra plum)
misc fruitbag$12.00Pomegranate RP
misc fruitbag$12.00Pomegranate SDC
misc fruitbag$10.00Quince
misc fruit120mm $8.00Sugar Cane
stone fruits (cherry, apricot, peach, nectarine, plum)
stone fruit100mm $4.00Potluck – nice peach or Sicilian nectarine
stone fruit100mm  $5.00Joe peach
grapes6xbag $55.00discount  6 grape selection
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Black Maroo (MAR)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Canada Muscat (CAN or CM)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Cardinal (CARD)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Crimson seedless (CS)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Danusa (DAN)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Hunisa (HUN)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Ladyfinger (LADY)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Red Prince (RED PR)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Red Sultana (RS)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – Sultana (S)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – White Muscat (WM)
grapesbag$10.00Grapes – White Table (WHITE or W)
figs21xbags$160.00Collection of 21 figs for a 6x6m double circle
figs10xbags$90.00Collection of 10 figs for a double row
figsbag$10.00A2 Black genoa
figsbag$10.00A3 Black genoa
figsbag$10.00B12 Spanish Dessert
figsbag$10.00B13 Dark Caprifig
figsbag$10.00Brown Turkey
figsbag$10.00D10 Tena BP
figsbag$10.00M1 Celeste
figsbag$10.00M2 or C17 Yellow Ischia
figsbag$10.00M5 Deanna
figsbag$10.00M6 or C16 Lemon Lennie
figsbag$10.00R Rosanne’s
figsbag$10.00WA White Adriatic
figsbag$10.00X2 St Ann church Spanish dessert
figsbag$10.00Y1 Spanish dessert
figsbag$10.00Y11 or C5 Caprifig (pollinator for Smyrna and San Pedro))
figsbag$10.00Y2 or B2 Julie S R1T2
figsbag$10.00Y7 large green Greek
figsbag$10.00Y8 Williams
figsbag$10.00Z1 Skoss 1
figsbag$10.00Z11 MB Brown Turkey
figsbag$10.00Z2 or C8 Black Ischia
figsbag$10.00Z3 Black Genoa Bungaree
figsbag$10.00Z5 Alma
figsbag$10.00Z6 St John Tropical
ornamental plants
ornamentalbag $8.00Glory vine
pickles and preserves
HoneyHalf kilo$10.00Raw multifloral Honey 
HoneyKilo$20.00Raw multifloral Honey 
grapesbag $4.00Potluck Grapes
figsbag $4.00Potluck figs


PLANT SALE LIST Here it is! You can order from 3pm Sunday 7 February and orders will be filled strictly in the order received from 3 pm. Some plants are in limited supply so we will get back to you and inform you which plants are still available and the total cost of your order. In order to buy this way, you MUST pre-purchase a ticket from Eventbrite whether you intend to come to the Open Garden or not to be fair to everyone. You need to pay by direct debit and the banking details will be sent to you in the return email. Some banks do immediate transfer(Osko) but some take a couple of days so an emailed receipt is necessary in that case. Please send all orders to rather than ordering through Facebook. You will be able to pick up your plants on Thursday or Friday(times to be advised) or after 1pm on Saturday or all day Sunday. We have put this in place for this year to avoid the crowding that can happen on the plant stall so we can all maintain a safe social distance. Apologies that the original list was hard to read but Facebook will not preserve Word formatting so we had to save as a jpeg to upload which meant it was small and in 4 pieces. Hopefully this one is more user friendly!

size price x Qty Plant
100mm $4 x9 Silvanberry
200mm $8 x3 Silvanberry
100mm $4 x4 thornless Blackberry
200mm $8 x9 thornless Blackberry
100mm $4 x10 Raspberry
100mm $5 x21 Cape gooseberry
100mm $5 x13 Goji berry
100mm $4 x100 Strawberry (Rosanne)
Herbs, veggies etc
200mm $5 x6 Feverfew
100mm $3 x4 Lemon balm
200mm $7 x3 Lemon balm
100mm $3 x12 Aloe vera
100mm $3 x2 Chervil
100mm $4 x8 Lagos Spinach
100mm $3 x4 Parsley, Italian
100mm $3 x13 Chilli – unlabelled variety
125mm $4 x1 Chilli – unlabelled variety
150mm $10 x6 Galangal
100mm $8 x4 cardamom ginger
100mm $8 x26 Native ginger
100mm $3 x2 Wormwood (artemisia)
70mm $2 x20 Sweet potato –white
100mm $3 x9 Sweet potato –white
300mm $10 x5 Comfrey
100mm $3 x6 Kangaroo apple
Fruit trees and subtropical fruit
100mm $10 x26 Dragonfruit (various types) medium size
200mm $12 x3 Dragonfruit (various types) large size
200mm $12 x2 Dragonfruit (red/white) large size
100mm $12 x19 Dragonfruit pink medium size
cutting $5 x20 Dragonfruit cuttings (various types)
100mm $8 x2 Sugar Cane
150mm $8 x10 Pepino
100mm $5 x2 Papaya
200mm $20 x15 Mango
100mm $10 x4 Chestnut seedling
200mm $25 x6 Monstera deliciosa (Mexican fruit salad plant)
200mm $25 x3 Achiote
100mm $5 x4 Pineapple
100mm $8 x4 Elderberry
100mm $15 x6 Macadamia
100mm $10 x16 Guava yellow cherry YCG
100mm $10 x56 Guava Hawaiian HG
100mm $10 x11 Guava Malay Red MR
100mm $10 x13 Guava Mexican cream MC
200mm $15 x3 Guava unlabelled
100mm $10 x20 Barbados Gooseberry (tropical climbing cactus)
100mm $8 x3 Curry leaf
100mm $10 x2 Kei apple
100mm $20 x12 Plum pine (Illawarra plum) set of 3 trees
150mm $20 x1 Plum pine (Illawarra plum)
100mm $10 x6 Walking stick palm
200mm $25 x1 Walking stick palm
100mm $8 x12 Cedar Bay Cherry (small)
100mm $10 x17 Brazil Cherry (small)
100mm $5 x9 Ruby saltbush
100mm $5 x9 Loquat
100mm $5 x23 Loquat #9
200mm $15 x2 Banana
100mm $4 x9 Mislabelled – nice peach or Sicilian nectarine
100mm $5 x4 Joe peach
100mm $5 x2 Rosanne peach
100mm $4 x6 seedling Nectarines (recently germinated)
100mm $5 x3 Apricot (various)
grapes – more will be available from next October
bag $10 x24 Grapes – Canada Muscat (CAN or CM)
bag $10 x36 Grapes – white table (WHITE or W)
bag $10 x4 Grapes – black table (BLACK or B or DAD)
bag $10 x1 Grapes – Crimson seedless (CS)
bag $10 x15 Grapes – White Muscat (WM)
bag $10 x11 Grapes – Sultana (S)
bag $10 x3 Grapes – Hunisa (HUN)
bag $10 x9 Grapes – Black Maroo (MAR)
bag $10 x25 Grapes – Red Prince (RED PR)
bag $10 x12 Grapes – Red Globe (RG
figs – around 20 varieties plus a few more for collectors – more will be available from next October
21bags $160 x2 Collection of 21 figs for a 6x6m double circle
10bags $90 x2 Collection of 10 selected figs
bag $10 x1 M1 Celeste
bag $10 x2 M2 Yellow Ischia
bag $10 x6 M6 Lemon Lennie
bag $10 x18 R Rosanne’s
bag $10 x21 WA White Adriatic
bag $10 x31 Y1 Spanish dessert
bag $10 x6 Y2 Julie S R1T2
bag $10 x5 Y3 Julie S R1T4
bag $10 x28 Y7 large green Greek
bag $10 x8 Y8 williams
bag $10 x3 Y14 needs pollinator
bag $10 x8 Y15 flat Spanish dessert
bag $10 x14 Y16 Kalamata
bag $10 x7 X2 St Ann church Spanish dessert
bag $10 x97 Z1 Skoss 1
bag $10 x6 Z2 Black Ischia
bag $10 x2 Z5 Alma
bag $10 x4 Z7 Gwen 2
bag $10 x20 Z11 MB Brown Turkey
bag $10 x6 Z12 Adams Pride
individually priced larger pots
300mm $20 x1 white table grape mature

300mm $30 x1 Palm trees mature
bag $8 x3 Glory vine
100mm $4 x1 Palm tree
200mm $10 x3 Palm tree
150mm $8 x10 Pittosporum undulatum
150mm $8 x4 Pepper tree
100mm $5 x1 Kurrajong
100mm $5 x1 Jacaranda
100mm $5 x48 succulents assorted
200mm $12 x16 succulents assorted
1kg $15 x20 Honey
500g $10 x20 Honey
potluck unlabelled
bag $4 x4 Grapes unlabelled
bag $4 x4 figs unlabelled


A couple of weeks out from the Open Garden and I usually take a peak at the extended forecast at this time, bearing in mind that the further away it is the less accurate it is likely to be. I almost squealed with delight to see that all of the next two weeks is mild, mostly low twenties, with quite a bit of rain as well. Next weekend’s working bees days are almost cold and the OG days are down for 23. Even if it jumps a bit it looks unlikely that we will get a stinker. Personally, I adore hot weather but for OG it’s way more comfortable in the 20s and last year we had our best crowds ever with the mild weather. Please keep on track!

Open Garden 2021 for Open Gardens SA

6 Argent St, Elizabeth Grove SA 5112, Australia

Saturday 13 February and Sunday 14 February 10am to 4.30pm

Two days of speakers, workshops and demonstrations among five lush productive gardens where you will have the chance to get your questions answered by expert food growers. This is our ninth Open Garden and they are now well known for being the place to be if you want to learn to grow your own food. In recent years we have also had an emphasis on permaculture and sustainability. There will be our usual range of excellent speakers, the details of which are still being finalised. Activities for children. Sausage sizzle, hot and cold drinks and cakes available. Vegan/vegetarian food also. Massive plant sale of edible plants at ridiculously low prices. Lots of fig trees and grape vines of different varieties. As usual 100% of our share of the gate takings will be donated to charity: in recent years this has been for local bushfire relief! This is not a free event(as suggested by FB which I cannot remove) standard Open Garden costs apply$8 adults, $6 concession, children under 18 free. This event may be subject to COVID safe restrictions but we will not know until closer to the time but at this stage we plan to go ahead. Please share widely!